• A mom or career focused woman who has let her health slide to the back burner?

  • Currently working out, but NOT seeing results

  • Tired of trying one quick fix after another and continuously failing? 

  • Struggling with confidence, healthy eating, healthy habits and you are READY for change?




  • Having a plan & KNOWING what you're doing each day before you go to the gym 

  • Having a strong body and feeling sexy AF from the inside out

  • Knowing how to burn fat + build muscle

  • Having the mindset to be your best damn self - unapologetically

  • Treating yourself as a priority and creating a sustainable healthy lifestyle + having FUN!

What Makes REVIVE Different From Other Programs?

Revive focuses on teaching the importance of the relation between mindset, nutrition and fitness work in order to make your health and fitness goals a sustainable lifestyle. As your coach I will provide you with on-going support throughout the 12 weeks. I will be available to you daily throughout the program duration inside of the PRIVATE Facebook group!

Revive is not just a program you download, try out for one-two weeks and then lose interest. By joining this program you are joining a community of like-minded women who are ready to level up their health and fitness.

They say women are stronger in numbers!






What's Included?

12 Weeks of Detailed Workouts

  • 5 workouts per week: 4 strength training days, 1 specific day for core & HIIT, 2 days of rest

  • Learn how to build muscle + burn fat

  • Learn how to incorporate various styles of strength training, circuits, HIIT + more

  • NO boring cardio. ALL cardio is in circuit and HIIT format

  • *program can be modified per individual needs

Nutrition Guidance + Create Healthy Habits

The first 4 of 12 weeks will be lesson specific to teaching various nutrition topics including; ingredient lists, understanding nutrition labels, portion sizing, pyramid of nutrition, fuelling pre & post workout + MORE

WEEKLY Group Check-Ins, Live Coaching, Q+A's

1 weekly live coaching call will be conducted for nutrition lessons, check-ins, additional coaching topics, live Q+A's - You MUST have access to Facebook where we will meet inside of the group or via Zoom.

Mindset Workbook

This workbook is accessed via the app OneNote (you may have to download the app in order to access). Each week includes quotes, affirmations, daily gratitude and journalling prompts.


Entry Into PRIVATE Facebook Group For On-going Support

This group is our meeting space. It is your platform to share, ask questions and celebrate as you work towards your goals.


Looking for a more individual approach with 1:1 coaching?

REVIVE can be upgraded to 1




$1,222 in full

or 1,333 in payment plans

Currently available in: 3, 4, 5, 6 month or 15 week payment plans.

Need a different plan? Just ask!

*Are you a REVIVE alumni? DM me for alumni pricing!


What Clients Say...

I joined REVIVE because I needed accountability and discipline and it was nice having someone there even during the hard weeks. REVIVE is challenging, but I knew I couldn't quit. If you're on the fence about joining just DO THE DAMN THING! I have had results both physically and mentally. Confidence up, anxiety down!

Emma - A busy working mom who came in with goals and crushed every single one more than once. She is a determined go-getter and has seen changes both physically and mentally! Emma has also completed the Body From Home program and is onto her second round of REVIVE! 

Emma Revive and BFH progress photos.jpg

There are so many areas where I see results since starting this program! First of all, I now have confidence when I walk into a gym. I feel like I know what I'm doing and can  achieve anything! I have learned that it takes a lot of hard work and dedication but any goal is achievable if you put your mind to it.  I find that I am stronger, both mentally and physically. I can now see my muscles that I've been working so hard for! Also, I learned a lot about my eating habits and where I may have been going wrong and not even realizing it! Stacey is very knowledgeable when it comes to nutrition and I learned a lot about what fuels your body and how to read labels properly.

Chelsea - Mom of 2 babies, shift worker, ultimate super woman and goal getter!

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